Post-disaster, business owners find varied paths to recovery

Communication is a key element for those whose firms have been leveled by disasters big and small. 

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to contribute my thoughts in an associated press article about how business owners find a path to recovery after a natural disaster. It was an excellent opportunity to think through how a small business can prepare for the unexpected, and particularly how that small business can work through whatever happens. The very same principles that apply there can be applied to any small business, or startup, at the point of creation. Paying attention to the resources available to you from the government, local organizations and fellow entrepreneurs can help post-disaster as well as during the normal course of business. The point is that leveraging your network will deliver value in many different occasions, and having that network activated throughout the life of your start-up or small business only makes it easier to tap into after an unexpected event occurs.

Secondly, a key opportunity for small businesses in a post-disaster recovery situation is in how they handle communication with their customers. This is a lesson that, again, is best sowed from the very beginning. Having a dialogue with customers allows that small business to leverage an existing communications network (tools, brand voice, and relationships) to a stronger effect after disaster-recovery begins.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts to add. And click through here to check out the full article from the associated press.

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