Craig’s strategic feedback has been a huge help as we honed our investor pitch for the Leaf Shave Company. He has been there and done that in so many situations that access to his analysis makes sure that we aren’t missing the mark when we get in front of investors.

Adam Hahn

The Startup Breakdown has been proven to be effective for inventors and entrepreneurs. Craig has tested the approach with a number of companies and situations, leading to successful commercialization strategies and big exits. The information in the Startup Breakdown, along with Craig’s advice and expertise, will put any company on the path to success.

Denis Meinert CFO for hire, Meinert, LLC
Denis Meinert

Craig’s experience and perspective along with the framework provided by the Startup Breakdown were invaluable to our company as we assessed and evaluated a variety of strategic options for the business. The tools he has developed provided us with focus and direction that have made a real impact on our strategy and goals.


This is an opportunity for you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your business
planning, approach or idea. Preparation is key in achieving your goals, and the StartUp BreakDown is designed to give you space to think critically about your company.


Below, you’ll find a series of self-guided modules available. If you have any questions or if you want me to review your concept after going through the course, please reach out to see if we can work together. Enjoy! – Craig

Self-Guided Learning Modules

The StartUp BreakDown is born out of my decades of experience in starting, growing, exiting and advising companies across industry and life-cycle. Click through on the below modules to access the self-guided plan.

Your Customer & The Problem

A critical step in building a business or commercializing technology is to identify a real problem that customers are experiencing.

The Solution

You must provide meaningful and impactful benefit to customers. There must be a significant “Goodness Factor.”

Market Opportunity

If the target market potential is too small or has unfavorable trends, there are virtually no prospects to scale your idea.

Business Model

We need to explore your business model, your commercial lever points. In other words, how will it make money?


Learn what makes for a thorough review of the competition. Validate the uniqueness and potential for your new concept.


Building a complete team, with the right skills, is vital to your success. You need a great team to execute your idea.

Development Plan

“Ideas are a dime a dozen but people who put them into action are priceless.” Identify milestones and craft a compelling plan.

Exit Plan

Entrepreneurs and investors are in this game for the same reason, to generate a return sufficient to justify the effort and risk. Let’s talk exit plans.

Where do you go from here?

Congratulations on completing the modules! This is an important step in your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Keep it going! Check out our StartUp BreakDown Ignition Plan and get access to the resources you need to achieve your goals.


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