Milestone Execution

Throughout my experience, one of the strongest lessons I’ve learned is how to find the right people for your organization, and how to identify the right milestones to grow the business. Let me help you identify the right milestones for your commercialization process.


Funding a venture comes in many shapes and sizes. I’ve pitched more than 200 investors working to turn my “no’s” into a “yes”. My companies have raised tens of millions and exited successful multiples back to our investors.

Univ. Tech Transfer

From negotiating licenses for technologies, to creating a lasting partner that can be an ally as you scale; working with university technology transfer is often an early hurdle that can turn into a strong asset for a burgeoning technology business. I understand the product commercialization process to bring research to the market.

Strategic Planning

Starting, growing and selling a business based around a complex medical technology requires focused strategic planning. Leverage my experience building strong, defensible IP; fostering and growing business partnerships; and negotiating from various positions of strength.

Hi, I’m Craig.

I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and have spent the past 25 years starting, growing and selling businesses. I’ve generated over $300 million in shareholder value in my career and I want to share my formula with you. You probably have lots of questions, and finding a good startup mentor can be hard. That’s where we come in.


I developed the StartUp BreakDown Program to help you turn your idea into reality. It’s a self-directed series of learning modules that take you through the startup process. It’s 100% free and is my way of giving back to the startup community. There’s no reason to put off moving your business or idea forward, so click the link today and let’s get you going!

Ready for the next level? Introducing: The Ignition Plan

Access to credible startup mentors with the right kind of experience and insight is of critical importance. The best startup mentors help you to avoid common mistakes, act as a sounding board and provide meaningful advice on issues and strategy. My Ignition Plan is set up to provide cost efficient and personalized mentorship services that will help you reach your goals. We will work together to leverage my decades of experience and put you in the best position to achieve success.

Case Study

Blue Belt Technologies, a medical technology company, developed proprietary robotic systems to improve orthopaedic surgery. Key operations included: university tech-transfer, multiple fundraising rounds, and FDA review / clearance. How did the company achieve its funding goals, and what were the strategic levers necessary to take an idea from startup to a $275 million sale?

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