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Here’s a secret: You can.

StartUp BreakDown is an incredibly easy-to-use email series that’s designed specifically to get you started. You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!

You can get started right away for free. There’s no better time to start developing your idea into a business than right now.

I used these same fundamentals to build my last business to more than 120 employees, tens of millions in revenue and an exit to a strategic partner for $275 million. [read more about this.]  [And read more about me] 

Does any of this sound familiar?…

You’ve got the idea but you don’t know if anyone would buy it. You aren’t sure how big the market is, or what kind of research is important.

You have the technology, but not the money to make it happen. So you’re unsure how to go about finding funding sources. And if you found one, what would you even say?

You know what to do but not how to do it. It might be crystal clear in your mind where you want to end up, but the path isn’t so clear to you.

You hear find an advisor but you don’t know anyone who has been there and done that before. You know you need help but you do not know the right people to help get you started.

Let’s see if we can get you there, shall we?

I’m going to help you to think strategically about your idea.

I want to introduce you to your new secret weapon:

Here’s how it works

1. Signup for free with your email.

StartUp BreakDown is an effective email series that will provide you experienced guidance on the fundamentals of your business. The series consists of 8 self-directed modules culminating in personalized review and feedback by entrepreneur Craig Markovitz.

2. You’ll get the first module today.

There’s no better time to start than right now. Once you sign up with your email, you’ll receive the first module: The Problem. The number one reason startups fail is because they build something no one wants to buy. The StartUp BreakDown will ask you pointed questions about your problem, probing you to think about and communicate your problem in a strategic way.

3. Self-evaluation.

Each module contains a set of questions to challenge yourself on. I want you to think critically about how you’re approaching each fundamental step.

4. Get the next topic, rinse and repeat.

The next module will automatically be sent to you 3 days after the last one. The goal is to build a solid foundation for your business based on the experience from successful entrepreneurs. After the 8th Module, you will have the opportunity to submit your answers for personalized review, feedback and guidance for ONLY $49.

See how StartUp BreakDown has helped others

Craig’s strategic feedback has been a huge help as we honed our investor pitch for the Leaf Shave Company. He has been there done that in so many situations that access to his analysis makes sure that we aren’t missing the mark when we get in front of investors. The Startup Breakdown will be hugely valuable to any entrepreneur at any stage of his or her business.

Adam Hahn

Co-founder, Leaf Shave Company

The Startup Breakdown has been proven to be effective for inventors and entrepreneurs. Craig has tested the approach with a number of companies and situations, leading to successful commercialization strategies and big exits. The information in the Startup Breakdown, along with Craig’s advice and expertise, will put any company on the path to success.

Denis Meinert

CFO for hire, Meinert, LLC

Craig’s experience and perspective along with the framework provided by the Startup Breakdown were invaluable to our company as we assessed and evaluated a variety of strategic options for the business. The tools he has developed provided us with focus and direction that have made a real impact on our strategy and goals.

NanoVision Diagnostics

The truth is that nothing will change if nothing changes.

If you want to move your idea forward you need to take action. That’s where StartUp BreakDown comes in.

Here’s a look at the 8 modules

StartUp BreakDown is the simple, effective program that you need to start today. I created this because over the years I’ve spoken to so many of you who just don’t know how to get started. Guess what, I’m here for you. Get started today with the first three modules for free and the Series will put you on the right path to take you from Idea to Startup.


Module 1


A critical step in building a business or commercializing technology is to identify a real problem that customers are experiencing.

Module 2


You must provide meaningful and impactful benefit to customers. There must be a significant “Goodness Factor.”

Module 3


If the target market potential is too small or has unfavorable trends, there are virtually no prospects to scale your idea.

Module 4


We need to explore your business model, your commercial lever points. In other words, how will it make money?

Module 5


Learn what makes for a thorough review of the competition. Validate the uniqueness and potential for your new concept.

Module 6


Building a complete team, with the right skills, is vital to your success. Figure out what that looks like so that you can execute your idea.

Module 7


“Ideas are a dime a dozen but people who put them into action are priceless.” Identify milestones and piece together strategy and tactics into a plan.

Module 8


Entrepreneurs and investors are in this game for the same reason, to generate a return sufficient to justify the effort and risk. Let’s talk exit plans.


This is where it all comes together. I’m going to give you a personalized review of all 8 modules. You will receive a comprehensive written assessment with actionable advice so that you can move forward and launch your business to success!